I'm Ken Sensei.

Hi! My name is Ken. I was born and raised in Tokyo Japan. My students call me Ken Sensei because "sensei" means "teacher" in Japanese. I was an English teacher in Tokyo for 4 years at a cram school before I became a Japanese teacher in the U.S. I started teaching Japanese professionally after moving to the US in 2015. I have had more than 7500 lessons and over 450 students in the last 5 years of teaching online.


1 on 1 Lesson

If you'd like to have a teacher who will guide you all the way through to be fluent in Japanese productively, this service is perfect for you.

"Happy Hour 日本語🍻"

 If you've been studying Japanese for a while (at least you finished GENKI 1 book), but you haven't really had conversation practice or you are not confident with speaking yet this service is perfect for you. Almost all the participants were as scared as you are when they tried this for the first time, so don't worry and have fun!


Completed a training course for teaching Japanese as a foreign language
The World Japanese Language Centre

December 2015 - April 2016

The 420 hour Advanced Japanese Teacher Training Course 

The World Japanese Language Centre

November 2016