"Happy Hour 日本語 🎉"

Group A = Finished GENKI 1 or Passed JLPT N5

Group B = Finished GENKI 2 or Passed JLPT N4 

Group C = Started とびら or Passed JLPT N3

Group D = Finished とびら or Passed JLPT N2

​How does it work?

If you have never participated in an orientation


  • All levels are welcome.

  • Camera is required.

  • Please do not record the orientation.

  • Only people who attend the orientation can join the Facebook Group

  • If you don't notify me that you will be unable to join before the orientation, you won't be able to join the orientation for the whole month.

  • If you have to cancel the session please let me know via email as soon as possible at practicespeakingjapanese@gmail.com as soon as possible.

If you have already participated in an orientation

(These instructions are for the Facebook Group)

  1. Sign up on a "Happy Hour 日本語 🎉 This Week" post by writing "参加(さんか)します = I'll join" in the comment section when I post in the Facebook Group section.

  2. Once you sign up and if you get 🧡 you get your spot for that week. If you get 👍 you'll be in the waiting list because you tried the week before.

  3. After I announce the members for the week officially in the comment section, please write 2 questions to other students in Japanese and in English so other people can prepare the answers beforehand.

  4. At least 10 minutes before the session I'll send you a zoom link for the session via Facebook Messenger. So please join from the link when it starts.


  • Please do not record the session.

  • At the end of the session I always take a screenshot of us to show to other members.

  • If you have to cancel please let me know via Facebook Messenger as soon as possible.

  • If you don't show up (and don't notify me beforehand) you won't be able to join any session for the whole month.

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