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Ken Sensei, a certified  and native Japanese instructor, made the ultimate curriculum for students of all levels to become fluent! Here's the curriculum.


What Do I Teach?

Ken Sensei uses a number of different teaching methods, from the traditional textbook style to fun group lessons and "Happy Hour 日本語🎉".

1 on 1 Lesson

If you like structured lessons

"Speaking Test & Portfolio"

See how much you can improve your speaking in 6 months

"Happy Hour 日本語🎉"

Review Vocabulary and Grammar with a Group

Group Lesson

Practice Speaking with a Group


"Happy Hour with Ken Sensei provides a fun experience comparable to a college course but at a way cheaper price. Learning from him one on one and then getting a chance to practice with his other students gives you a great idea of where you are as a learner and a speaker of Japanese. The way he structures happy hour is a great way to start my day on the weekend with a cup of coffee and some Japanese speaking practice that I would normally have to pay for. Ken always keeps the atmosphere lighthearted and funny. I recommend doing Happy Hour to anyone looking for another excuse to practice speaking Japanese with others!"

Austin W